Courses and camps restart from June 9th
3 June 2020

COVID-19 News 2

Extension of suspension of our activities until 3 May 2020 (at minimum)

As you may know via all the announcements in the public newsletters, containment is at least extended until 3 May.
We hope to have more concrete news from this Frida, 24 April, to know when it will be possible to restart and especially under what conditions.

Like most of you read it through our personalized e-mail sent to each other around April 7 – 8, we’ve extended significantly our academic year until the end of June (with the regular timetable) and also courses for another 3 weeks in July and August with a timetable adapted to allow the camps to take place. Everything is well explained in each of the pages (in French and in English) of the following disciplines: ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance.

To help us in the our organization, please do not hesitate to inform us of your intentions of participation (or not) during the summer weeks. For those who use WhatsApp you have a new functionality in every page of the Website (down to the right).

Please, however, sign your messages and specify the name and firstname of your child. It helps us very much to identify you.

Following the next episode 😉

Take care well!

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