Classes taught by Marie-Astride

Holder of a State Diploma in Jazz Dance & Contemporary Dance Teaching in France, Marie-Astride combines her skill with her generous nature, patience and vivaciousness. She loves to learn and teach a work technique and hone her sense of movement analysis.

Contemporary dance for young people (Thursdays) and adults (Tuesdays)

From 2018-2019, we will be opening up a class specifically for adults (Tuesday at 18:30) and another for young people and teens (12-22 years) on Thursdays at 18:30. This discipline is highly sought after by people looking to combine expression of movement and contemporary rhythms. Marie-Astride works to bring this harmony to the fore. Utterly motivating!!


Level Age Hour/week (min. suggested) Schedule
Contemporary Adult 1 class/week Tueday 18:30
Contemporary > 12 - 20 years of age 1 class/week Thursday 18:30



To make things easier, we are also offering semester subscriptions for adults (€170/semester), that works out to just under €10 per class. It is also still possible to pay the per lesson fee of €15.



For child/young person subscriptions: we have opted for a fee calculated on the number of classes per week over a semester.

The fee of Contemporary dance subscription (one class per week) is €170 € per semester (+/- 18 classes).

If it is combined with other classes (classical, and/or Hip-Hop dances) in our school, the subscription is calculated according to the total number of classes (including contemporary dance)

  • 1 class/week = 170€/semester (+/- 18 classes)
  • 2 classes/week = 280€/semester (+/- 36 classes)
  • 3 classes/week = 380€/semester (+/- 54 classes)
  • 4 classes/week = 460€/semester (+/- 72 classes)
  • 5 classes/week = 540€/semester (+/- 90 classes)

The Studio Dans'Harmonie bank account details:

  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • IBAN : BE98 0016 88 39 1393
  • In all communications, please detail the first name, last name and level of the child.

Discounts are available for siblings: -10% for the second child, -20% for the third child or more. The discount applies to subscriptions for children at the same level or lower.


We did not wish to set up a specific procedure for registration. Payment of the semester fee acts as proof of subscription.

We therefore ask that you contact us via the pre-registration form or visit in person. If required, and particularly in the case of first experiences at our school, your child can try out one or two classes before signing up for the term.

We recommend that you take the time needed to commit but would point out that some of our classes are in high demand and risk being full quite quickly (+/- 15 students per class). Please don't wait until the last minute to book ;-)


Our semesters (in relation to subscriptions)

YEAR 2019-2020

  • 1st semester from MO 09 september 2019 to SA 01 february 2020
  • 2d semester from MO 03 february 2020 to SA 20 june 2020

School holidays (the dates detailed are included in the holidays)

  • Autumn holidays: from SA 26/10 to SU 03/11/2019
  • Christmas holidays: from SA 21/12/2019 to SU 05/01/2020
  • Carnival holidays: from SA 22/02 to SU 01/03/2020
  • Easter holidays: from SU 05/04 to SU 19/04/2020
  • 1st of May WE: FR 01/05 to SU 03/05/2020
  • Ascension holidays: from TH 21/05 to SU 24/05/2020
  • Monday of Pentecost: MO 01/06/2020
  • Summer holidays: from SU 21/06 to MO 06/09/2020


There is no dress code for contemporary dance as such
This type of dance is often done in bare feet and is more comfortable in loose fitting clothing.


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