General Rules for Studio Dans’Harmonie

These rules apply to anyone present in the Studio Dans’Harmonie premises and must be observed at all times. It is essential that the rules are read and understood fully.

General behaviour

These premises are intended for teaching and dance practice and well-being, everyone must respect the setting and atmosphere so that the Studio runs optimally. /> This notably relates to respect for the premises, activities and people.
Anyone who does not appreciate how important this rule is, is asked to remove themselves from the premises.

Respect for the premises

In terms of cleanliness, the premises are laid out and maintained to meet the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards in the dance studios. Anyone entering these spaces is encouraged to contribute to maintaining this condition by:

  • appropriately using dustbins (feel free to fill them with rubbish ;-) )
  • cleaning up behind them (leave only good signs behind, like smiles, laughs and the pleasure of dance)
  • keeping your stuff tidy and together (meaning there's more space for others)
  • not eating on the sofa or in the studio
  • not "tempting fate" by leaving valuables unattended such as bags, mobiles, jewellery, etc.

Respect for the activity (dance and well-being)

For dance and well-being activities, the attitudes of those present may help to respect them. Such as:

  • maintaining a quiet/calm demeanour especially during classes
  • arriving on time to come into the studio at the start of the class
  • favour areas outside the studio (such as the car park or gallery areas) for longer catch-ups and discussions. This avoids congestion at peak times.
  • avoid going into the studio if you're not a dancer or permitted to do so
  • pay special attention not to dirty the studio with outdoor shoes
  • not using dance equipment (fixed or mobile barres, hoops, rugs, etc.) if asked not to by the teacher
  • looking after the equipment made available when permitted to use it
  • maintaining access to changing rooms exclusively for dancers (except for access to toilets)

Respect for people

Finally, but by no means any less important, respect for others is of paramount importance as far as the management of the school is concerned. The points below may seem obvious but there's no harm in mentioning them":

  • do not chew tobacco during classes
  • respect the privacy of others (particularly important in the changing rooms)
  • respect the requests and/or decisions of teachers
  • wear appropriate clothing, suitable for dance
  • pay attention to good hygiene practices
  • respect the timetables of the teachers and school managers (start times and end times)
  • respect the managers of the school and their work to maintain the school
  • acknowledge the work of teachers by paying subscriptions on time

Obviously, there are many other rules not cited here but the Studio believes that everyone wants to experience an optimal dance atmosphere and is willing to contribute to that.

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